Version 0.21 (09 Jul 2007)
Operating system RISC OS 3.10+
26/32 bit neutral Yes
Licence Freeware
Download 46kB Zip archive

SharedSound 0.44 (or later) required !

RISC OS 4 users already possess SharedSound 0.58 in the operating system ROM. Version 1.04 is available from here.

26/32-bit neutral

Mixer was made 26/32-bit neutral as of version 0.20, though with a dependancy on Castle's '32-bit' Shared C Library.
As of version 0.21 it has been linked with StubsG and thus no longer requires Castle's Shared C Library.

Provides volume control over the internal sound system, CD audio, Jonathan Duddington's Speak module, and SharedSound handlers (eg AMPlayer, MIDISynth and PCSound).

Features include :