Version 0.25 (29 Jan 2007)
Operating system RISC OS 3.10+
26/32 bit neutral Yes
Licence Freeware
Download 66kB Zip archive

26/32-bit neutral

Midiphile was made 26/32-bit neutral as of version 0.23, though with a dependancy on Castle's '32-bit' Shared C Library.
As of version 0.25 it has been linked with StubsG and thus no longer requires Castle's Shared C Library.

A utility for use with MIDI files.

It has two modes of operation :

In either mode it is possible to restrict the range of tracks to be processed. There are also filters (specific to each mode) which can be used to target certain types of MIDI event.

It can also repair certain types of errors (eg hanging notes, which should be welcome news for Sibelius users).

A detailed document covering the MIDI Files Standard is available from this site.