Version 0.08 (21 Jul 2007)
Operating system RISC OS 3.50+
26/32 bit neutral Yes
Licence Freeware
Download 31kB Zip archive

MIDISupport (inc MidiMan) required !

MidiMole hooks into the MIDI Support system, requiring MIDISupport 0.30 or later (0.34 or later on a 32-bit OS). It works best with the full MIDI Support system, ie when used alongside MidiMan.
If you need to upgrade, contact Liquid Silicon.

26/32-bit neutral

MidiMole was made 26/32-bit neutral as of version 0.07, though with a dependancy on Castle's '32-bit' Shared C Library.
As of version 0.08 it has been linked with StubsG and thus no longer requires Castle's Shared C Library.

A MIDI data monitor. A very simple utility that can capture and display received MIDI messages, enabling the precise output of various MIDI devices (including software applications) to be monitored / investigated.

MidiMole is implemented as a MIDI Support plugin, ie it creates a soft MIDI driver (which acts as a data conduit between the application and the MIDI Support system). You will need to use MidiMan to connect MidiMole's driver to other drivers in the system, to specify from which driver(s) MidiMole receives MIDI data.

This program was previously called Monitor, though has been renamed so as to avoid confusion with Cerelica's application with the same name. MidiMole thus supercedes any copies of Monitor written by me, and should be used in its place.